August 20, 2014 / Melissa Faudree


CSS3Ps is a free Photoshop plugin that is cloud based and allows users to convert layers to CSS3. Once the plugin has been downloaded and added into Photoshop, CSS3Ps is ready to convert. To convert a design, simply select the layers you want to convert then click on the CSSPs logo. Because the calculations are based in the cloud, the results will open the code in a web browser. The results page even has a handy button to copy the code to the clipboard. Below is an example of how your code will appear in a web browser.
The Photoshop plugin can do a variety of things. The newest feature for this plugin now has the ability to convert text layers to CSS3. The plugin allows users to convert elements such as stroke, size, vendor prefixes, inner shadow, border radius, and gradient overlay. To view the extensive list of features CSS3Ps supports please visit their website. There are still many features that the plugin does not support but hopefully will in the near future.

The plugin is compatible with both Windows and Mac and can operate on Photoshop CS3 or later. It is important to note that Mac users must have OS X 10.7 Lion in order to install the plugin.

Do you have a favorite Photoshop plugin that converts your CSS3?

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