May 6, 2015 / Melissa Faudree

Are you looking to step up your visual game on your e-commerce website to improve your traffic and sales? Customers are already talking and posting pictures about your brand’s products on social media all the time. Are you involved in those conversations? What if you could use those photos from customers on social media to promote your brand? Photoslurp is a visual commerce platform that allows you to incorporate your customers’ photos from social media into your marketing strategy.

Some history…

Two entrepreneurs from Barcelona, Ben Heinkel and Eulogi Bordasin founded Photoslurp in 2014. They recognize that Photoslurp is not the first platform of its kind on the market. However, Photoslurp was built specifically with smaller to mid-size businesses in mind. They wanted to create a tool that would be affordable which separates them from other platforms. The packages at Photoslurp also allow businesses to customize their options based on their budget and needs.


What about Photoslurp makes it noteworthy?

Photoslurp prides themselves in being able to increase your brand’s engagement, conversion rates and make shopping easier for customers. The objective of Photoslurp is to collect photos from your customers all across social networks and make then shoppable. You can select the appropriate photos for your brand and publish them anywhere. You may display these photos on social media, your website, live displays, lookbooks or mobile. Any of these photos can be approved or rejected before you decide to publish them to your online galleries.


With Photoslurp, you are able use pictures from real customers to add to your brand’s story. This eliminates your need for stock photos or hiring a professional photographer. You can offer social proof with the help of social media and Photoslurp. The platform collects photos in real time using your brand’s specific hashtags. Photoslurp also makes any photos shoppable with the tagging system.


  • E-Commerce Integration 
    Photoslurp integrates with e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Demandware and Shopify. You are able to import your product catalog into Photoslurp from your e-commerce platform.
  • Engagement tools
    The platform allows you send messages directly to customers on social networks. You don’t have to leave Photoslurp to communicate with your customers. You can use Photoslurp’s Media Rights tool to request the rights of a customer’s photo from social media. This tool can be customized for every campaign. In order to grant permission for photos, customers simply need to respond with a tag.


  • Analytics
    How are your campaigns performing? Do you know which photos drive conversions? Photoslurp is able to give you detailed analytics on your campaigns. You can look at real-time statistics or monthly reports. You are also able to view and track your customer engagement. With Photoslurp you can keep track of those customers who purchased using the “Shop This Look.”


Photoslurp recently added tools for photo and evangelist analytics, and making your Instagram feed shoppable.

Why should you like it?

I like the idea behind Photoslurp mainly because consumers want to see real pictures of the products being used by real people. Photoslurp is about user-generated content and implementing the content into a marketing strategy. Brands should consider including user-generated content into their marketing strategy and one way is with Photoslurp.

When I am online shopping, specifically for clothes, I prefer someone modeling the item. If you look at bigger brands such as Von Maur or Macys, they have models for their clothes. While this helps visualize how something will look on a person, we know that it is probably Photoshopped of some kind. These models have the perfect figure so we ask questions such as: How accurate is this photo? How much did they enhance the product to make it look good?

Consumers have surprisingly become really good at taking professional quality photos without actually being a photographer. Apps such as Instagram have created photographers out of all of us. Okay, well maybe not everyone but it certainly is a great platform for learning new techniques in photography. From a brand’s standpoint, Instagram is a desirable social network to get involved in because of the conversations from the millions of pictures. People tag, upload and share pictures every day. Many of which are attributed to brands.

Example of user-generated content gone wrong

I recently was shopping online for something to wear to a friend’s wedding. One website actually allowed customers to include pictures with their reviews. After looking at the model in the picture and then comparing to actual customer pictures, I was able to get a better idea of how their products actually looked. In this case, the customers’ photos disappointed me because they were not at all like the pictures. While I was disappointed I knew that this would save me money and avoid frustration in the future.

My situation doesn’t sound like it worked out too well for that brand, right? Well, if they had used Photoslurp, they could have selected only the photos they wanted to promote in a way that enhanced their products and brand. With Photoslurp you have complete control over the photos you want to include on your website or social media.

So can selfies really help drive sales?

The people at Photoslurp seem to think selfies help drive sales. Heinkel says, “There’s a ton of research that shows Instagram style photos on e-commerce product pages convert significantly higher than traditional glossy photos. We have also seen this ourselves with our own clients.” Ultimately, photographs of real customers shows that a brand connects with their customers. You might be giving up the perfect figure model but you instead gain something more relatable and real.

Smaller businesses can be successful when they incorporate user-generated content with Photoslurp. The platform allows you to quickly and easily manage a collection of your customers’ photos, make the photos shoppable, and distribute across your social networks or other platforms. With Photoslurp you can finally uncover the photographs your customers share on social media. These photos can be beneficial to your brand by driving engagement and conversion rates.


Does your brand incorporate user-generated content with your marketing strategy?