September 10, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Tired of trying to organize your paper mock ups? Created by Woomoo is a free phone application called POP, which stands for Prototyping On Paper. This app is for those who still use pen and paper to create prototypes. POP allows users to take pictures of their work and organize them for how the prototype would function. POP is specifically used for those creating apps.

There are many features that POP offers. POP makes it easy for users who don’t have time to learn new software. Simply sketch out your ideas on paper and take pictures of the sketches. The app makes it easy to crop and import your images. The app even allows users to crop more than one image at a time. POP allows users to duplicate projects, links and mockups with similar design. This makes it easier to build. In order to help with organization, POP created a tagging feature. The app also offers transitions and gestures that will preview how users will navigate through your app.

The app can be used on not only your phone but also accessed on tablets and desktops. POP has Dropbox capabilities which helps save your work and also allows users to work on different devices. Another feature POP has is their co-working mode. This allows others to make comments on projects. POP also has a share feature that allows users to share projects with others. There are two ways users can share their work, either with other POP users or through web links such as email or social media.

Are you a pen and paper designer? Check out this handy app! It’s available on iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store.


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