June 2, 2010 / admin

Have you ever wondered if your B2B website could use it’s PPC ad campaign to boost the company’s organic search engine placement?  The answer is…Yes it can.  Here are a few tips that will directly affect your website’s SEO by using a PPC campaign.


Even though you have spent a good amount of time setting up your PPC campaign, testing keywords, and developing relevant ads, it doesn’t only benefit your paid advertising.  You have found your PPC keywords that are directed straight at your potential customers in your specific industry and those keywords and phrases have proven to be the best for your business, now you can put those keywords into the content of your web site and blog for search engines to index and be sure that you are targeting your proactive customers as much as possible!


Organic SEO takes a long time to work compared to PPC ad campaigns.  Even though organic placement usually yields a higher ROI then PPC, running a PPC campaign as you are building up your organic SEO will drive proactive customers to your site which could potentially lead to backlinking, blogging, or word of mouth advertising.  All of which increases relevant  traffic to your site and aids in  your organic placement.  Since these customers have used your specifically targeted PPC ad to find your website, you can feel more confident that the users linking, blogging and talking about your site are very relevant to your industry.  Which, by the way, search engines love.


Another big advantage of running a PPC campaign for B2B companies is brand recognition.  While you are building your organic placement with great content, back links, reciprocal links, blogs, and keywords or phrases, your PPC ads are saturating the market with your brand.  Brand recognition is one of the best ways to boost organic relevancy.   It is proven that having high placed PPC ads as well as high organic placement is far better than having just high organic results or PPC ad placement.  A lot of times if users see your PPC ad and recognize your company name when you do come up organically, they will be more inclined to click on your website as opposed to the one right above you in the organic listings.
When you do eventually make it up the ranks organically in search engines, there are still many benefits to continue running some sort of PPC advertising campaign.  Link building through qualified PPC users and brand recognition are just a couple.


There are also different forms of advertising.  If your company is showing up organically for a specific term, your description may not attract certain proactive leads.  If, however you are showing up in a PPC ad for the same search query and your PPC ad contains a slightly different way of advertising your company, that may attract that person to you.  It’s all about saturating the market with your presence.  On the other hand you may not come up organically on the first page for certain other relevant searches but by running a simple PPC ad directed at that search, you will!  You can now be present for all search queries that are relevant to your company.

As you can see, running a PPC campaign can be used to compliment your organic efforts in a variety of ways, thus leading to higher search engine recognition and many more proactive leads.  Using PPC for B2B companies if done correctly  can be a wonderful way to directly target customers, spread brand awareness, and help develop your SEO by taking much of the guess work out of finding the right content for your organic marketing strategies.