September 29, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

ReadMe is a developer hub for documentation. It is a tool for startups that help create customizable, interactive and collaborative documents that will essentially users on save time. Documentation can be difficult and is time consuming. ReadMe’s goal is to make creating an API easy and stress free.

ReadMe is community based. Users can receive support and collaborate from the ReadMe community. Anyone can make edits and comments, which will help keep the documentation update to date. ReadMe has a drag and drop editor to make documentation easier. For convenience, ReadMe can automatically sync with GitHub. In addition, ReadMe will save all versions of documentation for you.

ReadMe offers three plans. The free version also called Documentation, which allows for documentation on a main page and three documentation versions. Documentation only allows for one admin user. The Developer Hub is regularly $99 per month however; ReadMe has a sale and is currently $79 a month. The Developer Hub allows for users to customize a landing page and have five documentation versions. Users can create their own domain and allows for 10 admin users. The Business plan is $399 per month and offers the most for customers. In addition to a customizable landing page, users will have unlimited documentation versions and unlimited admin users.

ReadMe offers a free trial to all users, which does not require a credit card up front. The free trial allows users test all of the features that ReadMe has to offer but with a catch. No one else will be able to view the site until the user has selected a plan for launching. Users are able to upgrade or downgrade at any time. Any features that are not supported within a plan will be saved but disabled. If you are unsatisfied with the service at ReadMe, you may cancel at any time.

ReadMe just went live today. So if you are interested in a new developer hub, give ReadMe a try. Let us know what you think.