November 6, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Receipts are necessary part of business. What if you could use your receipts as a marketing tool? WooThemes Founder Addi Pienaar, launched Receiptful on November 5, 2014. Receiptful is an application programming interface (API) that allows users to send email receipts to customers in hopes to increase customer lifetime value.

Receiptful Features

One of the great features about Receiptful is the analytics. The program keeps track of the number of email receipts that are sent and opened. Receiptful does not list the names of the email receipts you’ve sent. Perhaps this might be a feature they will add in the future. Receiptful also displays when the recipient takes action from an email receipt. It will tell you how many clicks and the conversation rate percentage. All the data can be broken down and viewed by dates. You may also select and view whether the email was opened, sent, or clicked. Receiptful makes it easy to use and view your analytics.

Receiptful Template

Click to enlarge example of an email receipt

With Receiptful users are able to use a template to customize their email receipts. The template allows users to add a company logo, type a message, include contact information, and adjust the message colors to better match your brand. Users are able to save their templates. However, it doesn’t appear to allow users to save more than one template at a time. Not sure how the template will look for customers? Receiptful allows users to send a test to their account email address. By default the account is set in test mode. Users can switch this mode in order to begin sending receipts to customers. The overall template layout is very simple which makes it easy to read the invoice information.

Another feature to Receiptful is an upsell. This gives the user the opportunity to never miss out on marketing. Upsells are incentives for future purchases and are included with your email receipt. Users can select from four different types of upsells, which include discount coupon, shipping coupon, comparison of two products, and a custom option. The custom option gives users the most opportunity to promote any section or product that they wish. They can be a little more creative here too. Whatever incentive (upsell) users wish to add on their receipts, the hope and goal is that it will create customer lifetime value.

Receiptful Upsells

Example of an upsell

Receiptful has a chat feature built into the dashboard. Each conversation is emailed to you as a reference for later. I personally spoke with Adii about some questions during my setup. He was very quick to respond, friendly, and answered my questions. Providing customer service online isn’t always easy. Customers want to feel like someone cares about their experience. However, the personalized customer service I received from Receiptful will certainly help build their customer loyalty. Personalized customer service will almost guarantee that your customers will come back to do business in the future.

Receiptful Plans & Functionality

Receiptful offers a free 14-day trial for users. Receiptful has three different plans for users.

  • Hobby: $9/per month with 100 customers
  • Startup: $29/per month with 500 customers
  • Business: $89/per month with 1,500 customers

The great thing about these plans is that no matter which one you select, all features are included. The only thing you need to be concerned with is the number of customers your business has. If your business has more than 1,500 customers, Receiptful can accommodate and create a higher plan if needed. When signing up, users don’t need to enter their credit card information. Receiptful advertises that there are no sign-up or cancellation fees. Always a plus, right?

With everyone on different devices today, Receiptful is responsive and gives customers the capability to view their email receipts on any device, whether desktop, phone or tablet. It even functions with Outlook.

Receiptful integrates with the WordPress plugin, WooCommerce. After installing the plugin, you will need to enter your Receiptful API key. This should only take a few minutes to setup and then you are ready to start emailing your receipts.

In conclusion…

Receiptful can help make sure you never miss a marketing opportunity again when you email your receipts to customers. Check out Receiptful and let us know what you think.