September 30, 2014 / Melissa Faudree is a free Photoshop plugin that allows users to add variants to screens, manage assets and design specs. Using’s smart technology this can all be exported automatically with one click. Any elements that have been changed will be exported. The user just needs to type the correct prefix and does the rest. has important prefixes that users must implement in order to export properly. Listed below are the prefixes users must utilize:

  • Vectors/Icons – “ico”
  • Buttons – “btn”
  • Images – “img”
  • Inside groups, each variant must have “+” in front of the layer

The top level of every group should be treated as a separate screen. Also masks can help control the size of the screens. allows users to write comments on their layers. is still in private beta. Users are able to sign up to receive a preview of the Photoshop plugin. It is important to note that requires Photoshop CC. The sign up form on the website is misleading with two options: one for Photoshop CC and the other for Photoshop CS6.

Does sound like a Photoshop plugin for you? Would it save you time?

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