September 26, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Dragdis is a free Google Chrome extension for bookmarking. The traditional way to bookmark is by saving the URL of a web page. However, sometimes you don’t want to save the whole page. Perhaps you just need one quote or a few paragraph from a blog. Dragdis is different because it allows users to quickly drag and drop more than just a URL. Users can save text, images, videos and more.

Dragdis_servicesDragdis allows you to register with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or with an email. Once the extension has been installed users need to set up their account. The extension gives users a sidebar where they can access their organized folders. Users can create as many groups and folders as they wish. In order to begin bookmarking any online findings, users must establish groups. Dragdis has a group for standard online findings such as text or images. They also have Facebook chat, Tumblr account, Twitter account, and Facebook account. These groups will help organize the information better. Once the type of group has been established, users must give the group a name and select a color (for association). Users can then begin creating and organizing folders.


Each item that is bookmarked through Dragdis allows users to create tags and notes. Additionally, the extension has the capability to search within groups and folders. By creating tags and notes, this will make searching for items easier and also save on time. Users can choose to share their findings and post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ or Pinterest. The cool thing about Dragdis is that the extension remains invisible until the user selects an item and drags toward the right side of the screen. The sidebar will pop up and users can drag their information directly into the folder they want. Dragdis stores all the discoveries and findings on the cloud, which allows users to access their information on any device. Even better, users do not have a storage limit. So go crazy!

Dragdis not only saves time, but it keeps all images, videos, links, and text organized. Will you Dragdis?

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