August 14, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Tired of dragging around all your pens different colors? Perhaps you are painting a flower and want to get the color exactly right. This is where Scribble comes into action. Scribble is a new stylus pen that can replicate just about any color. The Scribble pen has a built in sensor that can scan any object and then reproduce the color. The device can retain up to 100,000 different shades on its 1GB of space and can replicate over 16 million colors. That’s a lot of colors!

There are two versions of the pen. Scribble Ink functions just like a regular pen (ink-based) where users draw on a physical surface. The Scribble Ink has a refillable ink cartridge. Both the pen and stylus allow users to change the pen tip or better known as the nib size from Scribble. The Scribble Stylus works on smart phones or tablets with the Scribble app using Bluetooth. The Scribble app gives users the conversion of the color in terms of RGB, CMYK, and the HEX Code. The app allows users to organize and share their colors to anyone. The app also tells users about the ink levels, battery life, and memory status.


The Scribble Pen and Stylus is not yet available for purchase. However, the company plans to launch the Scribble sometime next year. The Scribble Ink is expected to cost around $150 and the Scribble Stylus for $80. The pens come in a variety of colors such as black, white, orange, magenta, blue and silver. Scribble is functions with both iOS and Android. Scribble is also compatible with Mac and PC. For those designers, the pen also is compatible with Photoshop. Even better, Scribble is water resistant.

How would you use the pen? Would you use it for design or pleasure? If you want to learn more, please visit their website here.