August 7, 2014 / Melissa Faudree


If you are someone that likes more structure for keeping your notes organized than Scribbleton might be a good choice for you. Scribbleton is a program that allows you to create Wiki documents. Scribbleton is a good way to organize your thoughts. You can create checklists, jot down notes, or keep track of your favorite websites. The layout of the program is very simple, with your pages on the left and tools and functions across the top. Scribbleton allows you to create an unlimited amount of wiki pages. Users are able rename wikis. Additionally, users are able to link individual wiki pages together.

Scribbleton is free to download and use. The program can be used across multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows and Linux. You can also export your wikis. With Scribbleton, you can export an entire wiki or individual pages and have the option to export as HTML or text.

After downloading and testing the software, I have concluded that this is a good tool to utilize. The program is easy to navigate and keeps notes organized. However, to save time most users would probably use Microsoft Word (or another program or phone app) instead to write notes or create checklists. One unique feature I think Scribbleton offers is the option for users to link wiki pages together. I could see this program being used for college students to keep notes on their laptops more organized.

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