September 9, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Have you ever wanted to send private tweets to someone? Privatize is a web tool that allows users on Twitter to share a link with someone privately.

Privatize is very easy to use. Simply sign in to your Twitter account and enter the link you wish to share and the tweet directly through Privatize. Just don’t forget to mention the person you want to see the tweet. Anyone who is not mentioned in the tweet will be unable to open or view the link. They will receive a message saying the message was not intended for them. However, the tweet is still sent to all of your followers. cannot_view

What can you use Privatize for? Perhaps you want to share your resume, send a coupon, a picture or invitation. Those people you want to have access will only see whatever you want to share on Twitter. So is this safe to use? Privatize states on their website that they follow Twitter’s best practices to ensure privacy and security. They include a link to Twitter’s best practice page.

My suggestion I had for this tool is to make this easier to use with Twitter, whether that be a browser extension or plugin. With today’s society, we don’t want to take an extra step. Creating a browser extension would make things faster and easier. What do you think about Privatize?