October 20, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Snapchat is a popular social media mobile app for sharing photos and videos with friends and family. Have you ever considered using the platform to help with your marketing strategy? It’s no secret that people rely on their cell phones. Businesses such as Taco Bell, Acura, GrubHub among many others are beginning to use Snapchat to promote their company. So why not use Snapchat to help establish and continue relationships with customers?

Snapchat is really about the brief moments in our lives that we choose to share with others. Have a little fun with platform and don’t be afraid to show the behind the scenes of your business with your customers by snapping pictures and videos. Let customers in and get a better understanding of your company’s mission and personality.

Let me explain how the app works. Users are able to send pictures aka snaps to people. Here’s the catch. Snapchat sets a time limit for how long the snap is available. The sender can set a snap from 1 to 10 seconds. The receiver is able to view the snap for the allotted time and then the message self-destructs. However, users are allowed to replay one snap per day. Choose wisely. More recently the app created Snapchat stories, which shows pictures and videos that are available for up to 24 hours. Users are able to view the story as many times as they wish within the 24-hour period. Also, the Snapchat stories appear in the newsfeed.

Let’s learn some ways Snapchat can help with your marketing strategy.


Consider the Time Limit and Embrace it! 
With the short life of snaps, businesses only have a few seconds to grab the attention of customers. This means that you must try to make every second count with the image and or text. It creates a sense of urgency for not only the business but for their customers also. The customer will quickly try to view the snap before it runs out of time. Customers can also “cheat” and take a screenshot of the snap. The business will be notified anytime a user screenshots a snap.

Need more time? Using the story feature allows businesses with more time to portray their message. The only draw back to the story is it’s a one-way message. Customers are not able to reply directly to the message. However, the company can see how many people have viewed their particular story.

Make it Personal
Who doesn’t like to receive notifications on their phone? It makes us feel important, right? By utilizing Snapchat for your business, you are making it more personal, more like a conversation. Because most people use the app with people they know, your business will have that friend-like status. You should start treating your customers more like friends when you use Snapchat. Also, consider speaking the language of your audience. Are emojis appropriate for your target audience?

Advertise New Products
Snapchat can be used as a way to advertise new or upcoming products for your business. Customers like to have the inside scoop about new products before anyone else does. This can help with engagement and excitement with your customers.

Send Promotions
Businesses can use Snapchat as another way to send promotions to customers. These promotions could be exclusive to only your Snapchat followers. Make them feel special for having your company as a friend on Snapchat. The app can also be used to promote different events, sales or contests. Thinking about using Snapchat for a contest? Consider asking customers to send a unique picture using one of your products and offer them a reward for the most unique picture. The more ways you engage with your customers, will help give them more of a reason to return.

Gain New Followers
Consider using other social media accounts to advertise your Snapchat for gaining followers. One way to gain new followers is by offering a reward to customers. The reward could be a coupon, discount, or product giveaway. By creating an incentive for customers, you should gain more of a following.

It is important to keep in mind the demographics and target audience before you consider using Snapchat for marketing. Snapchat is a great inexpensive tool to utilize for marketing your brand and company. Have some fun and make it something your customers can relate to. Snapchat is definitely worth taking a look at to see the potential it could have for your business.

How are you using Snapchat? Tell us your experience with the platform in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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