August 4, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Today there are many websites that are a good resource for acquiring code and also getting development questions answered. Snippet Repo is no exception. Snippet Repo is a members-only approach that allows users to share and use snippets of code with other developers. Snippet Repo aims for developers to save and store snippets in order to save time. Developers are always looking for ways to save time and using snippets can help. Snippet Repo is a community that requires an invitation. However, visitors are able to request an invite by applying for a membership. Their website advertises that there is a 46% acceptance rate right now.

Once within the Snippet Repo community, members are able to do a variety of things. Members are able to vote on their favorite snippets of code. If enough members vote on a particular snippet, the code can appear under the “top” tab. Members have the option to leave comments under any snippet. They have the capability to save their favorite snippets to their account. Members are also able to earn achievement badges for posting their personal code to the community. Snippet Repo has a tagging system that allows members and visitors to search and find common tags. It is noteworthy, that the website allows visitors to search and view code without having a membership.

Snippet Repo

Have you used Snippet Repo and if so, what are your thoughts? Is there another code snippet resource you prefer?