August 11, 2014 / Melissa Faudree


If you are looking for more websites that offer stock photos, Stocksy is a great resource. Stocksy selects engaging and unique photos. All the photographers at Stocksy are co-owners and therefore, whenever customers purchase a photo, they are directly supporting the artist. Stocksy only offers royalty-free images for users with extended licenses available.

The layout of the website is fairly simple and well organized. Users are able to browse through the image collection by categories. The website allows users to find images quicker by entering keywords into the search bar. Users are also able to define their search results in an advanced search. When users select an image, they are then taken to another page, which displays additional information. The looming question is always how much an image will cost. Stocksy offers small, medium, large, and extra-large images. What is unique about Stocksy is it does not matter what the image, the prices for each size do not change (unless there’s a special).

  • Small – $10
  • Medium – $25
  • Large – $50
  • Extra-large – $100

The website also displays information about the artist. Users are able to click on the artist, which will take them to another page. The artist page showcases their work and allows users to follow the artist. The page also displays where the artists are from, how many images, and includes the number of followers they have.

Stocksy allows users to create an account, which is how users will purchase photos. Creating an account also allows users to follow artists. Users can also create their own galleries. Galleries are a way for users to create an image collection and also keep track of their photos. Having an account will allow users to view their purchase history. Users can always re-download their images. Just with many photo sites, users can press the like button on any image. In addition, they have the option to share the image on social media.

So if you are trying to get away from the typical stock photo look, Stocksy offers a wide range of unique royalty-free photos.

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