September 4, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Researching the latest design trends can be a time consuming task. Stylify Me was created to help designers gain a quick overview of the style guide of a website. Information such as colors, fonts, sizes and spacing are gathered with Stylify Me. This helps designers save time so they don’t have to inspect each CSS element on a website.

How does Stylify Me Work?

Simply type the URL of the website you wish to inspect into the search box and click the “Stylify Me” button. The page will generate styling information from the website. It will display the background colors and text colors, giving not only the hex number but also a preview. Stylify Me displays the typography of the website including all the headers and body. Information such as the font, style, size, leading, and color are gathered. There is also an example of how the text displays on the website. Stylify Me gives the dimensions of any images on the page. Stylify Me also includes an image of the home page of the website. If you like the style guide of a website, Stylify Me gives users the option to download a PDF.

Stylify Me is fun, easy, and a fast way to gather information for style guides. I hope this tool is helpful for designers.


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