July 15, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Are you looking for an inexpensive testimonial plugin for WordPress? I came across this $10 gem today while searching for WordPress plugins. I wanted to share and discuss some of the features the plugin had to offer.

The Testimonials Plugin has three layouts: list, grid and table view. Within each of those layouts, there are a variety of styles. Perhaps you don’t want all the testimonials to show on the page. This plugin has the option to view testimonials in a sliding style that uses a flexslider and has over 6 unique designs.


The Testimonial Plugin has the capability to adjust the settings. From here users are able to adjust the typography settings such as font style, font position, font size, font formatting and color. Users can adjust the container background color and border. In addition, users can adjust the thumb size, how they want the testimonials to be ordered on the page, and control the slider settings.


One of the great things about this plugin is its responsive technology and not only that, users don’t need to use any code. Give this plugin a try and let us know what you think. Interested in other testimonial plugins? Take a look at some of these:

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