August 5, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Touch+ is a new technology that allows users to make any surface multi-touch. Touch+ replaces a mouse or trackpad and uses gestures to control a computer. The device is designed to attach easily on the top of a laptop with a magnetic clip. Users can also use the stand to make any surface multi-touch. There are two cameras that capture gestures and 3D positions of the hand and fingers. The device allows users to tap, swipe, or zoom on the surface of their choice.

If users want to turn their keyboard into a controller, the Touch+ is designed to not interfere with typing. The device will recognize when users are typing and will resume when ready to use again. Touch+ connects to computers using a USB cable. The device does not require any special applications to function. However, if users would like to create gesture shortcuts, they can install extensions that will enable them to create their own.

Touch+ functions with Windows, OSX, and iOS devices. The developers are currently working on support with Linux. The cost of Touch+ is $74.99 and with a 6-month warranty. The device comes in black but the magnetic clip comes in two colors: blue and black.

Does the Touch+ sound like a device for you?

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