September 15, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

KeepUpdated is an online tool that monitors the website of your competitors. This takes the stress and time away from manually monitoring competitors. KeepUpdated sends updates of any changes directly to the users inbox.

Users can add an entire website or certain pages to monitor. KeepUpdated even allows users to select a portion of a page to examine. Once users have entered a link, they will receive updates whenever a change occurs. KeepUpdated automatically scans the site three times a day. KeepUpdated will save every scan for an entire year. This will allow users to go back and view the history.

KeepUpdated offers four different plans. They also have a free plan that allows users to monitor three pages. All plans require users to sign up prior to utilizing KeepUpdated. They do offer a free 30-day trial for users; however, users are still required to enter their credit card information.

  • Starter – 15 pages for $19
  • Pro – 45 pages for $39
  • Agency – 200 pages for $99
  • Corporate – 1,000 pages for $499

For additional information about KeepUpdated, please visit their website.

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