June 24, 2014 / Allison Smith


The Transporter Sync is a device from Connected Data that allows you to create a personal cloud storage system in your studio, home, office, or wherever to synchronize data between numerous devices. You must connect the Sync to your router and a hard drive, then a Transporter folder is created on your computer where you can add your files that you wish to sync to the Transporter device.

The idea is similar to other cloud storage software, however you don’t need to pay any subscription fees and the storage space you have isn’t limited to an amount tied to a monthly payment. You can store as much as the external hard drive you connect to it will hold. The Transporter software is Mac and Windows friendly and is available for desktop and mobile devices. It not only allows for synchronization, but also remote access, remote backup and file-sharing.

If you have a client that is already using the Transporter software, they can easily access files using the Transporter either across your network or across the internet. If you want to send files to friends or family or anyone else who may not have the Transporter, you can still do so. They won’t need an account, however they will need to download an app to access the file.

The mobile app has requires that you download the files from the Transporter before viewing or watching any photos or videos, because it doesn’t stream them directly to your device. However there is a Camera Upload feature which uploads photos and videos from your mobile device to a special folder on the Transporter. You can also enable an automatic setting which tells your phone to begin uploading photos and videos when its GPS detects that you’re within a certain range of the transporter. You can also trigger this upload manually if you want, but either way it’s nice to ensure that photos and videos are backed up to somewhere other than just your phone.

As great as this product is/can be, there do seem to be a couple of bugs with it. Reviews from the beginning of this year reported some problems with support and possibly some stability issues, suggesting that perhaps it was still in beta mode and had some kinks to work out. However a review from just a few days ago didn’t report any of those problems, so perhaps it has been updated and most of the bugs have been worked out.

The only minor issues it seems to have now is that if you have the Transporter on multiple devices (more than two), it can get confusing as to how many devices an upload gets synced to, and if you remove a file from the folder on the second system it un-syncs it from the system, removing the original file as well.

Overall this sounds like a great product that could be very beneficial, especially for small businesses or anyone that’s looking to save money on cloud storage.



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