October 23, 2014 / Melissa Faudree

Our company recently started using a software called HotJar Insights to test the usability of our websites. We wanted to have a better understanding of users behavior and experiences on our websites. The great thing about HotJar is they offer a variety of tools and features all in one place. You don’t need to use multiple platforms to test and research your website.

What all does HotJar include?

Heatmaps: The heatmaps will visually show you where visitors are clicking, tapping, and scrolling.

Funnel & Form Analysis: This feature is perfect for identifying where visitors are leaving a website.

Online Surveys: HotJar allows you to create surveys which can either be distributed by email or used in real-time on a website.

Feedback & Exit Polls: This feature allows you to ask visitors questions about their experience on the website.

Visitor Session Playback: The visitor playback actually records a visitor’s activity on the site. This then allows you to see where they are moving throughout the site as far as clicks, taps, and mouse movements.

Recruit User Testers: You can recruit participants to complete research and testing for your site.

Proactive Chat: You can include a place where visitors are invited to chat about their questions and experiences on the site.

Why use HotJar?

HotJar is currently in public beta and is by invitation only. Users are able to request early access for free on their website. HotJar comes with unlimited number of websites and users. The cost is $29 per month and members have access to all their data on the cloud.

Our Experience

Initially we focused on a few clients to see how HotJar would work for us. We quickly discovered the perks of this software. We utilized the visitor session playback for one client of ours to see how visitors interact on the site. We were able to see where visitors were encountering problems and find a solution. Had we not used HotJar, we would have never known that these visitors weren’t scrolling all the way to the end of the page to find the information they were looking for. Another feature we found to be helpful was the heatmaps. The heatmaps indicated where visitors were clicking, scrolling, and moving through a page.




Wrapping Up…

HotJar can really improve user experience and conversation rates. Do you know how visitors are using your website? Don’t miss out on an opportunity!