January 9, 2015 / Melissa Faudree

Social media is a wonderful tool for businesses to utilize. However, there are certain unwritten rules businesses need to know about interacting with their fans on social platforms. Some of these rules might seem obvious but it is always good to re-evaluate your social media strategies. Are you consistently practicing good etiquette on social media? Let’s find out!


Social media should be a two-way street. It should be a dialogue between your followers and/or clients. Listen to what your followers have to say. What are their interests? You should engage in conversations that are of interest to you. The more people you converse with, the more people will connect and get involved. You can learn a lot by participation. Want to help others? You can share your own knowledge to help others. Share the wealth!

Social media can also act as a customer service tool. Use it so customers can share their feedback and any concerns. This is where you can respond and take control of your customers. Make sure they are satisfied. You should handle all concerns, both positive and negative.

Marketing Strategy

Social media should not be your only marketing strategy for your business. It can certainly be one marketing strategy but not your entire marketing efforts. Social media is a valuable resource and strategy for marketing. So if you are not using it for your business, you need to be. You should also promote your social accounts on other marketing channels (such as your website, newsletter, business cards, etc.).

Terms of Use

It might seem like common sense but all social networks have terms of use and therefore it is important to follow those rules on each platform. Have you read the terms of use for all your accounts?

Be Professional

Your clients probably don’t want to see continuous photographs of your dog or even read the latest drama in your personal life. You should only post business related information. If you want to talk about your personal life, create a different account. It is also a good idea to have a policy for your employees and team members about posting on social media. What information can your team post about your company?

Meaningful & Useful Content

The information that you post on social media should add value for your followers. Social media is a great place to promote new products or promotions but every post should not be promotional content. You will quickly lose your following if you constantly bombard your followers with content that is not useful to them. You should first develop relationships with your followers before trying to sell them anything. Posts should contain relevant information to your followers and business.

It is always good to practice good etiquette on social media, especially for businesses. To avoid offending your followers, make sure your posts are professional and meaningful. Also don’t forget to take the time to build relationships with your followers.

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