February 13, 2015 / Melissa Faudree

Every year on February 14th people celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging roses, chocolates, cards or other gifts to someone they love and care for. But do you know why we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Are you ready for a brief Valentine’s Day history lesson? Many people think that Hallmark created the romantic holiday. The holiday actually began centuries ago from someone named Saint Valentine. Who was Saint Valentine and why is he connected with love and romance?

The truth is no one really knows the real story behind the identity of Saint Valentine. There are many legends about Saint Valentine in the Catholic Church. In fact, there were three saints named Valentine and they were all said to be martyred on February 14th.

One of the most popular legends dates back to the 3rd century when Claudius II was emperor of Rome. Claudius II thought that soldiers should be single men instead of married or with a family. His reasoning was because he thought single men fought better. Claudius II thought they were stronger both emotionally and physically and therefore he decided to outlaw marriage. During this time, Valentine was a priest and did not believe in the emperor’s law. Defying Claudius, Valentine continued to marry young couples in secret. Eventually Valentine was caught by Claudius II and was sentenced to death not only for disobeying the law but also for refusing to renounce his religion.

The story may have been embellished but it was said that Valentine had many talents such as healing. It is said that Valentine healed and restored sight for his jailor’s blind daughter. The two corresponded back and forth and apparently became quite fond of each other. On the night Valentine was to be executed, he wrote a love note to his jailor’s daughter and addressed it, “From Your Valentine.” Thus Valentine’s Day began.

Holidays are a great opportunity to market your business in a fun and creative way. Brands often use the holidays to connect with their customers. Valentine’s Day is the second busiest holiday in the United States which makes it the perfect time for companies to advertise and offer incentives to their customers. How does your brand market for Valentine’s Day? Let us see look at some examples of how brands utilize the holiday to market themselves in a memorable way.

5 Brands with Creative Marketing for Valentine’s Day 2015

1. Heineken: Date In A Box

2. Starbucks: World’s Largest Starbucks Date


3. Coca Cola: Invisible Vending Machine

4. Papa Murphy’s: Heart Baker Pizza

5. Android: Friends Furever

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day commercials or ads?

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