July 1, 2014 / Melissa Faudree


I’m sure many of you have watched the looping videos from Vine. But how many times do you watch these short clips? Sometimes if the video is really funny, it could be countless times. Do you ever want to know how many times a particular video has been viewed? Vine now has included a loop count feature in order to keep track of how many times people have watched a video.

So what counts as a loop? A full loop consists of watching the video from start to finish one time. Much like on YouTube, the loop count feature is below each video so users are able to view the popularity of any video. The loop count is in real time and actually shows how many other people are watching the video with you.

Vine began tracking loop counts on April 3rd of this year. Therefore any videos that were created before or on that day will include “+” next to the loop count. The plus sign specifies that there are probably more views for that particular video. The loop count feature is now available on Vine’s website and on Android and iOS mobile app. The Vine app is not yet available on Windows.


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