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We’ve been acquired!

Wow! We have been busy for the last few months and you wouldn’t believe what has happened. For those that may not have heard, Simplexity Marketing Group was recently acquired by Design On Tap. A [...]

How to write the best blog using our blogging checklist

Are you new to blogging? Blogging can be a bit overwhelming to someone just beginning. How do you know what to include in every post for the best results? Or maybe you aren't new, but [...]

Fall back in love with marketing

When you think about your marketing, has it gotten stale or overused? Don’t let it happened to you this year!


New Year, New You, New Website!

Every January 1st we focus our efforts on all of our resolutions for the new year. Whether we hope to lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthier, spend more time with family, or make better financial decisions, we set goals for ourselves to improve in the coming year.


Why Live Chat Beats Chocolate Chip Pancakes

If you had the choice, would you rather talk to a customer service representative by phone or by live chat? If you are a Millennial like myself, you might prefer the live chat option. Perhaps [...]

8 tips for marketing your small business this holiday season

It’s November already which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Before we can blink, it will be Christmas! Is your small business prepared for the holidays? The holidays create a huge revenue opportunity for businesses. [...]

Online Dating vs. Advertising:
Is it a match?

What if businesses were on the dating app, Tinder? Do you think potential customers would swipe left or right on what you had to offer? If you are unfamiliar with the app, Tinder is a [...]

The Seven Eras of Marketing

Marketing has been around for quite some time. In fact, our history shows that it existed shortly after the beginning of civilization. Now that’s a long time! There is no doubt that throughout the centuries, [...]

What colors do you see? A deeper look at color blindness

How many times have you been asked in your life what your favorite color is? Countless times, right? Sometimes I’ve even been questioned why a color is my favorite. I simply shrug. Why is the sky blue? I don’t know, it just is.


Sweep up your leads with ViralSweep

Are you looking to grow your email list for your business? What about increasing your social following and engagement? Do you want to grow in sales too? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may want to contemplate another marketing strategy.


Taking the Leap: 45 Questions to ask yourself before starting a small business

Do you think you have what it takes to be a small business owner? Perhaps you are someone that has always imagined of owning your own business. Like they say, there is no better time [...]

Did you miss Apple’s keynote? Here is everything you need to know!

Apple announced a lot of new changes on Monday, June 13th at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Did you miss the conference? Fear not because we have the latest scoop on what is [...]

Dark Social is on the Rise

I probably do this numerous times throughout a week. In fact, I just did it before writing this blog. I bet you have been guilty of doing it too. Don’t worry it is nothing bad. [...]

5 Myths about Salespeople Debunked

When you think about the traits of salespeople, what do you think of? Do you think they are rude, pushy and greedy? Truthfully, there are a lot of creative, intelligent, honest, and hardworking salespeople. However, [...]

Twitter for Beginners: How To Get Started & Learning the Essentials

The day has arrived. You finally have decided to take the plunge. Today is the day you will join Twitter. But wait a minute, you have so many questions. Where do you begin? Will it [...]