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How to write the best blog using our blogging checklist

Are you new to blogging? Blogging can be a bit overwhelming to someone just beginning. How do you know what to include in every post for the best results? Or maybe you aren't new, but [...]

Captivating Your Audience with Storytelling

Remember when you were little and people read storybooks to you? When I grew up my father used to tell my siblings and I stories before we went to bed. To us, this was better [...]

Content Creation Vs. Content Curation: What is the difference?

I presume most of you have heard the phrase content is king. In fact, you’ve probably heard it repeatedly on the Internet. It may be so embedded in your head that the phrase even irritates [...]

What is the magic number for your blog posts?

One of the most frequently asked questions among bloggers is how long your blog posts need to be. What is the magic number to get the best results? Truth be told, there is not a magic [...]

Are you tracking these 7 Metrics for Content Marketing Success?

Content marketing seems to be the strategy we hear about frequently these days. You cannot seem to escape it. It is everywhere. Why is that? One reason is because consumers don’t want to be sold [...]

5 Reasons Why You Need Content Marketing

Does your business use content? Of course it does! In fact, content is one of the most important aspects of your business. Therefore, content should not be an afterthought. If you don’t have content on your [...]

7 Content Marketing Misconceptions Exposed

Content marketing is a popular term today. One of the reasons we have seen such growth with this strategy is because it provides valuable information to customers and prospective customers. To our knowledge, content marketing is [...]

7 Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Bookmark

Are you looking for tools to enhance your productivity or marketing for your blog? Perhaps you are just looking for new tools to change your routine as a blogger. Are you ready to start bookmarking? [...]

Memes for Marketing

Meme is not a new term or concept. In fact, the term has been around since the 1970s. Evolution biologist, Richard Dawkins coined the term in 1976 in his book The Selfish Gene. Dawkins said [...]

Content Repurposing: Get More Milage Out of Your Old Content

Do you remember how much your audience was talking about your blog post from two months ago? Is there something more you can do with your marketing strategy? The answer is yes. It can be [...]

16 Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging

Are you new to blogging? Perhaps you need some help getting started or a few helpful reminders for those long time bloggers. First off, there are no set rules for blogging. Blogging is all about [...]

5 Tips for an Effective About Us Page

Businesses often overlook and neglect the “About Us” page. However, this is a very important, if not the most important, page on your website. Why is that? It is one of the first pages customers [...]

15 Marketing Blogs To Follow

Sometimes it is hard to know what content you should read. After all, the web is full of content. You can easily get lost and overwhelmed. And when you do actually find something to read, [...]

What is Content Mapping?

Who are you writing content for? Do you really know your audience? Content mapping is one way to help with your marketing strategy. It’s the foundation that ensures you are creating the right content at [...]

Marketing Tricks and Treats

Halloween is quickly approaching, with only four more days to go. It is favorite holiday for many children and adults. People dress up and pretend to be someone they are not for a night. It [...]