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Why Live Chat Beats Chocolate Chip Pancakes

If you had the choice, would you rather talk to a customer service representative by phone or by live chat? If you are a Millennial like myself, you might prefer the live chat option. Perhaps [...]

Don’t Listen to Us, Listen to Them!

Are your purchasing decisions affected by online reviews? Let’s imagine you are shopping online in search of an item. You could be shopping for anything. It could be a tablet, toy, book, clothing, fitness equipment, camera, etc. [...]

My Way or the Highway?

I recently started thinking about special requests from customers. What industry do you typically think of when you hear special requests? I immediately think about the restaurant industry. Think about how often you have told your [...]

Don’t Waste Your Own Time, Try ‘Service’!

How many times have you been upset about a company’s customer service? Perhaps you didn’t receive a refund on your airline ticket for your trip to Italy after you found out your grandfather passed away. [...]

Customer Referral Tips

Do you need more customers for your business? The best way your business can boost customer growth is by word of mouth. If people are talking about your business to others, they are more likely [...]

Do You Need a FAQ Page?

How many emails or phone calls do you receive from customers about a problem? If you receive a high number of questions from customers, you might consider adding a Frequently Asked Questions page to your [...]

10 Best Practices for Online Checkout Usability

People are always busy and therefore short on time. For this reason, customers want websites to have fast and easy to use checkouts. What can we do to create better checkouts for our customers? I [...]

Are You Giving the Best Customer Service?

Few people I know actually like to call customer service after receiving the wrong or broken product. Most dread it. Mainly because they fear the company won’t give you a refund or worse, make you [...]