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Fall back in love with marketing

When you think about your marketing, has it gotten stale or overused? Don’t let it happened to you this year!


8 tips for marketing your small business this holiday season

It’s November already which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Before we can blink, it will be Christmas! Is your small business prepared for the holidays? The holidays create a huge revenue opportunity for businesses. [...]

The Seven Eras of Marketing

Marketing has been around for quite some time. In fact, our history shows that it existed shortly after the beginning of civilization. Now that’s a long time! There is no doubt that throughout the centuries, [...]

Sweep up your leads with ViralSweep

Are you looking to grow your email list for your business? What about increasing your social following and engagement? Do you want to grow in sales too? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may want to contemplate another marketing strategy.


Uber did what to their logo?

Uber unveiled the design of their logo on February 2nd. Not only did Uber redesign their logo, they also rebranded their company. Since the unveiling, they have caused quite the stir. Something once familiar has [...]

Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday

As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, you’ve undoubtedly heard numerous Black Friday deals and specials. You can’t seem to escape the commercials and advertisements, can you? You hear them on the radio, receive daily emails, see commercials [...]

Common Pitfalls of Small Business Marketing

Not tracking the number of leads generated by each marketing campaign. Tracking the number of leads generated by your different marketing campaigns allows you to place your money where it is most valuable - the [...]

The Power of Emotion

Think about a time when you made an important purchase. Perhaps it was something you couldn't afford at the time but you justified it anyways. How or why were you persuaded? This was the same question [...]

The Girl in the Green Scarf

The other day I decided to fall asleep to a movie entitled, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Perhaps you have heard of it or maybe even seen it. The film is based off the novel from Sophie [...]

Why Google’s New Identity Doesn’t Feel Quite Right

If you look for news about Google’s new logo, you’re bound to find either love it or hate it reviews all over. The idea behind the redesign was to make Google more accessible as technology [...]

Giving the Gift of Mediocrity

Let's reminisce to your high school days. You had lots of friends and tried to spend most of your time hanging out with them. So of course you would rather do something fun after school [...]

Ranking In Google Local Search

At Simplexity Marketing Group, we are often approached by local small businesses that want to rank in Google Local Search. They are always curious how Google determines who ranks where and how their business can [...]

How Should Your Brand Connect with Millennials?

How would you describe Millennials? Would you say they are rebels, job hoppers, entitled, lazy, or selfish? Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y, tend to have a bad reputation with some of these commonly [...]

Are You Faced with Too Many Choices?

Do you like having more choices or do you find it difficult to make decisions when you have an overwhelming amount? We make an average of 35,000 decisions each day. Many of these you do without thinking [...]

Just How Fragile is Your Brand?

Brands are fragile. In fact, they are more fragile now than ever before. But why is that? One reason is because brands are now on social media. Customers use places such as Twitter or Facebook [...]