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An App for Tracking Your Child’s School Bus in Real-Time

It’s that time of year again when kids begin to head back to school. It can be nerve racking those first few days, as you get to know your new teachers, make friends, and in [...]

Google Photos: Is it too good to be true?

Today there are several cloud-based storage services. You can select from popular services such as iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, Flickr, and OneDrive. Undoubtedly you utilize one of those services. But what happens when a new [...]

What Makes An App Successful?

How many apps do you have on your phone? Undoubtedly you have more than one or two. Today there are countless mobile apps available for both Android and iPhone users. It seems you can find [...]

Wildcard Creates the World’s First Card Browser

  Today browsing the web on your mobile device isn’t always the best experience. This is mostly because web was originally intended for viewing on a desktop. So are you ready for a new way [...]

Paper App Now collaborative with Mix

Do you like to draw? Perhaps you skilled at drawing or maybe you just enjoy doodling. FiftyThree is the company that created the iPad app, Paper. The app is designed for sketching and drawing that [...]

Visitor Management with Envoy

If you are a bigger company, you know that a lot of visitors come through the office on a daily basis. Perhaps you have a meeting with a prospective client and need to be notified [...]

POP aka Prototyping on Paper

Tired of trying to organize your paper mock ups? Created by Woomoo is a free phone application called POP, which stands for Prototyping On Paper. This app is for those who still use pen and [...]

Bluetooth Padlock Protection with Noke

Do you wish you didn’t have to carry around your keys to unlock everything? Or perhaps you are tired of trying to remember your locker combination. Noke is a padlock that allows users to lock [...]

A Pen that Draws ANY Color!

Tired of dragging around all your pens different colors? Perhaps you are painting a flower and want to get the color exactly right. This is where Scribble comes into action. Scribble is a new stylus [...]

iOS App: Overswipe

What happens when you show a picture on your phone to your friend? Chances are your friend doesn’t just look at the one picture. They swipe to see other pictures you have, right? What if [...]