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Dark Social is on the Rise

I probably do this numerous times throughout a week. In fact, I just did it before writing this blog. I bet you have been guilty of doing it too. Don’t worry it is nothing bad. [...]

Twitter for Beginners: How To Get Started & Learning the Essentials

The day has arrived. You finally have decided to take the plunge. Today is the day you will join Twitter. But wait a minute, you have so many questions. Where do you begin? Will it [...]

Are Big Changes Coming Soon to Twitter?

Did you know that Twitter was not originally intended to become a social network? Jack Dorsey, the CEO and co-founder of Twitter, actually intended to use it as a SMS service for a small group. [...]

Apps for Creating Images on Twitter

We know how important images are when it comes to marketing and the same is true when it comes to social media marketing. But how often do you include images with your posts? Images allow for more [...]

Can Twitter Chat Really Help Grow My Social Community?

As the social media manager at Simplexity Marketing Group, I try to find ways to get more followers along with using unique content to create more interaction with others. Twitter is a wonderful platform for reaching a [...]

Is Social Media the New Word of Mouth?

Social media is the digital version of word of mouth. Do you agree? Word of mouth is one of the oldest ways to pass along information to one another and is still effectively used today. [...]

Photoslurp for Showcasing Your Customers’ Selfies

Are you looking to step up your visual game on your e-commerce website to improve your traffic and sales? Customers are already talking and posting pictures about your brand’s products on social media all the [...]

Just How Fragile is Your Brand?

Brands are fragile. In fact, they are more fragile now than ever before. But why is that? One reason is because brands are now on social media. Customers use places such as Twitter or Facebook [...]

Customer Service on Social Media

Are you a shoe addict like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City? Well, I can tell you that I am nowhere close to her shoe collection or obsession. For most, buying shoes over the [...]

Twitter Lesson: 7 Strategies to get Noticed on Twitter

Twitter has over 288 million active monthly users. Of those active users, 500 million tweets are sent per day. Twitter is a vast community where your Tweets and voice could be easily lost in the [...]

15 Noteworthy Facts about Social Media

Do you need to rethink your social media strategy? If you are managing social media for your business you might want to know these surprising facts.


10 Things You Can Learn from Your Competition on Social Media

You know how people say keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer? This kind of mindset can be applied to your competitors on social media. Your business should always keep a watchful eye [...]

Why doesn’t Facebook show the correct share preview?

If you don’t use a social media management service such as Buffer or Hootsuite, you may have noticed that Facebook doesn’t always select the correct share preview for the content you wish to post. Why [...]

Which social media platform is right for you?

With so many social media platforms today, it can be difficult to decide where your company should invest majority of their time. Your business cannot ignore social media any longer. So which one do you [...]

Benefits of using Google+ for your business

How often do you hear, “I saw that viral video on your Google+ profile?” My guess is not very often. Google+ is frequently the neglected social network but it wasn’t always like that. After Google launched [...]