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Did you miss Apple’s keynote? Here is everything you need to know!

Apple announced a lot of new changes on Monday, June 13th at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Did you miss the conference? Fear not because we have the latest scoop on what is [...]

Data Collection & Privacy: Is someone watching you?

If you major in Communication Studies at Manchester University, one of the required classes is a course called Telecommunications. The class focuses on the technological implications of things such as cell phones, cameras and surveillance. When [...]

Wearable Technology: The Implantables

Wearable technology has become all the rage. As the name implies, the devices are worn on people. They can be worn on your wrist, face, or clipped on your clothing. Most frequently you hear about [...]

It’s a live video streaming frenzy!

Live streaming is huge today! I'm sure by now you have probably heard of live video streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat. These two apps launched this past spring. Honestly, I figured that none of [...]

Why Google’s New Identity Doesn’t Feel Quite Right

If you look for news about Google’s new logo, you’re bound to find either love it or hate it reviews all over. The idea behind the redesign was to make Google more accessible as technology [...]

Are You Phubbing Up Your Relationships?

Imagine that you and your family are sitting down for dinner at the table. You have the TV on in the background as you eat your meal. For a while all you hear are the [...]

Up Up And Away!

Imagine you are with your family on vacation in mountains. There isn't much around you and you don't have the greatest cell service. At night you virtually have no connection. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because [...]

Will The Grid Make My Job Obsolete?

The Grid is a program that is still in development but has already put out advertisements galore, boasting an Artificial Intelligence capable of designing and building websites itself. It’s not difficult to find plugins that [...]

Will “Googling” Become a Thing of the Past?

Today the Internet allows us to find answers to any of our questions 24/7. We have access to more information than we know what to do with. In fact, there is more information available to [...]

One Month for Life Learners

Are you a life learner? Are you interested in programming but have no idea where to start? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should consider looking at One Month. One Month [...]

Understand Your Visitors Better with HotJar

Our company recently started using a software called HotJar Insights to test the usability of our websites. We wanted to have a better understanding of users behavior and experiences on our websites. The great thing about [...]

Karma Go for WiFi anywhere

With the rising cost of cell phone data these days, the goal is to try to find WiFi whenever possible. However, WiFi may not always available or it might not be very reliable. Karma Go [...]

Visitor Management with Envoy

If you are a bigger company, you know that a lot of visitors come through the office on a daily basis. Perhaps you have a meeting with a prospective client and need to be notified [...]

Wearable Technology: MOTA SmartRing

Wearables such as smart watches and bracelets are all the rage. What’s the latest wearable technology? Introducing the MOTA SmartRing, which is a small ring that vibrates when your smartphone has notifications. Like most of the [...]

Bluetooth Padlock Protection with Noke

Do you wish you didn’t have to carry around your keys to unlock everything? Or perhaps you are tired of trying to remember your locker combination. Noke is a padlock that allows users to lock [...]