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Web Form Recovery with Lazarus

How many times have you lost data while filling out an online form? Whether your browser crashed, your cat stepped on your keyboard, or you accidentally closed your browser window, losing your form information can [...]

Wildcard Creates the World’s First Card Browser

  Today browsing the web on your mobile device isn’t always the best experience. This is mostly because web was originally intended for viewing on a desktop. So are you ready for a new way [...]

MozBar for fast & easy SEO

MozBar is a web browser extension for SEO purposes. The toolbar is available for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. MozBar allows users to gain SEO information quickly while searching the web. Users can investigate a [...]

Synchronize Testing with BrowserSync

BrowserSync is a web development tool built on Node.js for testing websites. BrowserSync synchronizes code changes across multiple devices and platforms. It functions much like the tool LiveReload, however, BrowserSync is a free to use [...]

Chrome Extension for Twitter Analytics

The web is full of endless resources for Twitter. I recently discovered Riffle from CrowdRiff, which is a free Chrome extension that analyzes and engages with Twitter users. Riffle is integrated with many Twitter platforms such [...]

Limitlesslane: Password Manager

Limitlesslane is a free password manager that securely stores all your account information and passwords in one place. Limitlesslane is encrypted so that even the company cannot access your passwords. The purpose is so users [...]

WhatFont for Google Chrome

WhatFont is a browser extension that inspects the fonts on any web page. Whatfont is available for free on Google Chrome. The plugin is fast and easy to use. Simply hover your mouse over any [...]

Helpful Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome offers some fun and useful extensions to their users. I wanted to share with you a few extensions I found interesting. IP Address IP Address is a useful Chrome extension. An IP address is [...]