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Is My Desk Job Killing Me?

About how many hours a day do you spend standing? Would you say that the hours of sitting outweigh your standing? Are you sitting right now as you read this post? I’m guessing your answer [...]

Oh For the Love of Dog, Bring Your Pooch to Work!

Today many businesses and organizations have become more flexible with their culture. The strict and rigid environment is becoming a thing of the past. We are seeing changes to the 9 to 5 workday, increased vacation [...]

What Motivates You Every Day?

What motivates you every day? When you hear the alarm clock ringing, what gets you out of bed each morning? Is it your crying child down the hallway? Is it your dog licking your face wanting to go [...]

What is Coworking?

The definition of office space has shifted in the last decade. Like many entrepreneurs or startups, working from home is considered the most economical option. However, working from home has since expanded to working in [...]

Why Your Resume Should Be Updated Regularly

Did you know you’re supposed to be updating your resume regularly? I'm not talking about just when you are looking for a job either. You might be thinking, “I love my job and have no [...]

Ideas for a Creative Workspace

Can you hear a pin drop in your office? Perhaps you can’t quite hear a pin drop, but still think your office could use some type of makeover. What makes an office space fun and [...]