After many years of working in the online marketing industry, we have found that following this method ensures success in your online presence. Our approach encompasses eight phases outlined below. As we move through these phases, it is important that we work with the decision maker(s) throughout the process so we ensure that we are delivering what the organization needs.  It’s never fun and certainly costly, to get to the end of a project and have it presented to a business owner or Executive Director who hasn’t seen anything up to that point and then have to rework a design or add in new requirements. Thus, your involvement (as well as any and all decision makers on the project) is paramount to ensure success. We prefer ongoing relationships with our clients. We don’t simply like to do a project and walk away but rather prefer to be an involved partner as your organization grows so we can do our part to ensure your online presence reflects the true heart of your organization and your goals.

Our Stages of Web Design & Development