Client: Arland Communications


Arland Communications approached Simplexity Marketing Group with a request that we replace their existing press release software. The product they had been utilizing looked dated and was not optimized for mobile and tablet devices, a critical deficiency when working with members of the press at international events such as the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Additionally, it did not allow them to incorporate related images and videos as part of the news release but rather had a photos area and videos area that included all photos from all news releases for a particular company. As a good portion of Arland Communications’ work related to new product releases, the lack of readily available product photos was a hinderance for members of the press to receive accurate and appropriate visual information to include in media stories. Due to the nature of new product releases, contact information for individual press releases needed to be easily configured to work on a item by item basis with a fallback to general contact information for the company if no press release specific contact information was included. To solve these problems, Simplexity Marketing Group created a custom responsive press release software allowing Arland Communications to incorporate image and video media into their individual press releases and easily manage contact information for less than the cost of their annual subscription for their existing press release software.