Work On Behalf Of: Arland Communications


We teamed up with Arland Communication to help redesign and rework the Indiana Broadcasters Association website. It had not been redesigned in about 5 years, so it needed design updates as well as restructuring of information.

From a design aspect, we updated the text styles and used various weights and colors to provide typographic hierarchy and make the information easier to navigate. We also added banner images to call out important information and add visual interest. In addition, we added sidebar options that they can customize to add to each page. This allows for easier cross-linking between pages and information.

The first thing we did was to rework the navigation and bring some more important items to the main navigation that were previously hidden, such as Scholarships and Events. With the navigation being revised, there was no more need for any dropdown menus since all of that information is now available on overview pages.

On the home page we added a slideshow with call to action buttons on the side for visual interest and to make important information more accessible. We also added a Twitter feed and a News & Events feed so that up to date information was front and center for users as soon as they visited the site.

Another component we  incorporated  was a payment gateway that allows users to pay their dues directly from the site.

The jobs section was previously one long list that only extended about one third of the page’s width, which made for a lot of scrolling and a lot of wasted space. So we reworked the setup of the jobs to display them in a card style, allowing them to display multiple jobs on one line and decreasing the page length.

For the “Find A Station” section, we added the values into a table so that users could sort by Station ID, Type, or Licensing City, making the station they were looking for easier to find. We also added icons to help differentiate the station types more easily. We also added in a details button that makes viewing station details such as address, phone and website easier because the information is available in a toggle down row, rather than having to go to a new page.