Client: Nehemiah Vision Ministries


This website is a not for profit project that we designed and developed for Nehemiah Vision Ministries (NVM). NVM is an international organization focused on transforming the lives of all Haitian people through education, health and spiritual development. They help train and equip young Haitians to become involved in rebuilding the foundation of Haiti. This is a fairly large, in-depth site, so we first began with a sitemap to lay out all of the pages and figure out what information needed to go where. Once the sitemap was approved, we began designing wireframes of the main pages to lay out content for the pages. Below are a couple of wireframe pages:


Once the wireframes were complete we began visual design for the site.  The site’s home page has sections at the top for first time visitors to learn more about NVM, as well as links to latest news, which is where people  can follow and keep up with the mission teams that are out serving in Haiti, and just see new information about NVM. NVM is based on a 4 pillar structure, which is what the large graphic in the middle of the page represents. This graphic appears throughout the site on landing pages that are part of the pillar support, and highlights the specific pillar that is represented for that page. At the bottom of the home page is a Get Involved section where people can learn how they can help the ministry, and last is a newsletter sign up area. The site is responsive so which means it is mobile and tablet friendly. There is also currently a fundraiser to help build a wall around the compound. We created a part of the site that has these section blocks laid out so that as money is raised for that part of the wall, it can be visually represented as an overlay over a satellite map of the compound.