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Sweep up your leads with ViralSweep

Are you looking to grow your email list for your business? What about increasing your social following and engagement? Do you want to grow in sales too? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may want to contemplate another marketing strategy.


Dark Social is on the Rise

I probably do this numerous times throughout a week. In fact, I just did it before writing this blog. I bet you have been guilty of doing it too. Don’t worry it is nothing bad. [...]

Digital Marketing Made Easy Thanks to Mondovo

Are you looking for another SEO and analytics tool? You might be interested in discovering some of the newer and easier tools to utilize that are available to you. One online analytics tool is beginning [...]

Understand Your Visitors Better with HotJar

Our company recently started using a software called HotJar Insights to test the usability of our websites. We wanted to have a better understanding of users behavior and experiences on our websites. The great thing about [...]

Chrome Extension for Twitter Analytics

The web is full of endless resources for Twitter. I recently discovered Riffle from CrowdRiff, which is a free Chrome extension that analyzes and engages with Twitter users. Riffle is integrated with many Twitter platforms such [...]

Inspectlet: Analyze & inspect visitor behavior

Inspectlet is a web-based analysis application that records visitors’ activity on a web page. Inspectlet allows you to see everything they do, as if you were watching over their shoulder. The recorded sessions focus on [...]

Capture Everything Using Heap Analytics

Do you manually enter event tracking? What if there was an application that automatically did the event tracking for you? Heap Analytics is an app that captures every action for users. No more coding or [...]