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How Should Your Brand Connect with Millennials?

How would you describe Millennials? Would you say they are rebels, job hoppers, entitled, lazy, or selfish? Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y, tend to have a bad reputation with some of these commonly [...]

Just How Fragile is Your Brand?

Brands are fragile. In fact, they are more fragile now than ever before. But why is that? One reason is because brands are now on social media. Customers use places such as Twitter or Facebook [...]

5 Lessons Your Brand Can Learn from Jimmy Fallon

After watching Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary special this past Sunday, it got me thinking about the legends we have in Hollywood. If you caught the opening of the show, you know that Jimmy Fallon [...]

5 Tools for Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Do you know everything people are saying about your brand? While you should know everything people are saying on the Internet and social media about your company, it can be nearly impossible without the help [...]

Is Your Brand Focused on Social Currency?

What makes certain content go viral? What qualities does it possess that make it contagious and insanely shareable on the web? The real question is, did the viral marketing strengthen the brand and drive sales [...]