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The Seven Eras of Marketing

Marketing has been around for quite some time. In fact, our history shows that it existed shortly after the beginning of civilization. Now that’s a long time! There is no doubt that throughout the centuries, [...]

How Much Are You Willing to Pay?

Have you ever purchased something that you felt wasn't worth what you paid? Don't you wish you could have been apart of the decision for how much the product or service cost? The pay-what-you-want model (P.W.Y.W.) [...]

Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday

As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, you’ve undoubtedly heard numerous Black Friday deals and specials. You can’t seem to escape the commercials and advertisements, can you? You hear them on the radio, receive daily emails, see commercials [...]

What Motivates You Every Day?

What motivates you every day? When you hear the alarm clock ringing, what gets you out of bed each morning? Is it your crying child down the hallway? Is it your dog licking your face wanting to go [...]

What is Coworking?

The definition of office space has shifted in the last decade. Like many entrepreneurs or startups, working from home is considered the most economical option. However, working from home has since expanded to working in [...]

Why Your Resume Should Be Updated Regularly

Did you know you’re supposed to be updating your resume regularly? I'm not talking about just when you are looking for a job either. You might be thinking, “I love my job and have no [...]

What is Social Selling?

You probably hear a lot of discussion about content marketing for marketers and ways it can help your brand. But what approach can sales professionals utilize? Something known to many sales professionals today is how [...]

10 Ways to Ruin a Sales Opportunity

What if you have been making mistakes repeatedly when selling to prospective customers, which has resulted in lower conversion rate for your business? We all make mistakes but avoiding those mistakes can really affect the [...]

Which social media platform is right for you?

With so many social media platforms today, it can be difficult to decide where your company should invest majority of their time. Your business cannot ignore social media any longer. So which one do you [...]

A Valentine’s Day History Lesson

Every year on February 14th people celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging roses, chocolates, cards or other gifts to someone they love and care for. But do you know why we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Are you [...]

The Basics of Branding

What is branding? How would you define branding? Business Dictionary defines branding as, “The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with [...]

5 Reasons Why Projects Go Over Budget

Are customers asking you why their project is over budget? Do you notice any trends for why your projects are going over? What is going on? It is not uncommon for projects to go over [...]

Introduction to Retargeting

Have you visited a website and then seen their ads everywhere you go afterwards? It might seem a little like stalking but it is actually called retargeting. Retargeting is important and has become a common [...]

Spark New Ideas with Naminum

It can take hours to come up with a good product or project name. And it can take even longer to come up with a creative name for your business. Often, we research and brainstorm [...]

5 Tools for Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Do you know everything people are saying about your brand? While you should know everything people are saying on the Internet and social media about your company, it can be nearly impossible without the help [...]