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Giving the Gift of Mediocrity

Let's reminisce to your high school days. You had lots of friends and tried to spend most of your time hanging out with them. So of course you would rather do something fun after school [...]

WordPress Custom Content Type Archives by Year and Month

We recently had a client who needed archives of a custom content type by date within their WordPress website. While WordPress does a great job of setting up blog posts to be able to view [...]

16 Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging

Are you new to blogging? Perhaps you need some help getting started or a few helpful reminders for those long time bloggers. First off, there are no set rules for blogging. Blogging is all about [...]

5 Tips for an Effective About Us Page

Businesses often overlook and neglect the “About Us” page. However, this is a very important, if not the most important, page on your website. Why is that? It is one of the first pages customers [...]

Avoid the Clickbait Trap!

We’ve all seen it. Perhaps we are even guilty of writing them ourselves. Clickbaiting. Manipulating language to lure readers in. Most online magazines do it. Buzzfeed and Upworthy are huge contributors of clickbait. They only [...]

10 Commandments of Content

1. Thou Shall Not Steal Content This has and always will be an important rule to follow. Stealing content from others not only reflects badly on you but also could hurt your reputation and sales. [...]

Save Web Content Easily with Dragdis

Dragdis is a free Google Chrome extension for bookmarking. The traditional way to bookmark is by saving the URL of a web page. However, sometimes you don’t want to save the whole page. Perhaps you [...]

Scribbleton – the personal wiki

If you are someone that likes more structure for keeping your notes organized than Scribbleton might be a good choice for you. Scribbleton is a program that allows you to create Wiki documents. Scribbleton is [...]