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The Power of Emotion

Think about a time when you made an important purchase. Perhaps it was something you couldn't afford at the time but you justified it anyways. How or why were you persuaded? This was the same question [...]

Crayon, An Inspiration Search Engine for Marketers and Designers

You've heard of writer's block and you have probably experienced some type of creativity blockage in your lifetime. It happens to us all at some point, regardless of what field you are in. I often [...]

4 Handy Tools for Creatives

The great thing about the Internet is there is no shortage of the amount of resources and tools available. New tools and resources pop up on a daily basis. We have an plethora of information literally [...]

Effective and Creative Advertising

We all have advertisements that stick out in our mind. Whether it’s a billboard, print ad, something on social media, or perhaps something we saw on television, no matter what kind, these ads are all trying [...]

Coffitivity: For more creativity

Perhaps you work at home and the silence of your home doesn’t allow you to be as creative as you like. Coffitivity has a free app for your Mac computer that plays real sounds from a [...]