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New Websites for Curated Online Stories

With the growth of the web, there is so much information available that at times can seem a little overwhelming. As a result, it can be difficult to successfully dig up useful and relevant information. Collaborative [...]

4 Handy Tools for Creatives

The great thing about the Internet is there is no shortage of the amount of resources and tools available. New tools and resources pop up on a daily basis. We have an plethora of information literally [...] for Web Development Discussions

  I recently came across a website community for front-end developers and web designers called Frontends. The Internet is full of these forums and communities for developers and designers. So if you are interested in [...]

Meeet for Designers and Developers looking for side projects

Do you need help with a web project? Do you have questions or need some ideas to complete your project? Meeet can help designers and developers finish side projects. What classifies as a side project? [...]

OnExtraPixel: An Online Magazine for web design and development

OnExtraPixel is an online magazine for web designers and web developers. The website is a great tool and resource. They offer a variety of resources for users such as tutorials, freebies, code plugins, a photo [...]

Free Code Snippets with Bootsnipp is a great tool for web developers or designers to access free HTML snippets. It is specifically designed for the Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS framework. What kind of elements can be found on Bootsnipp? Navigation Footer [...]