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Etsy Introduces New Social Commerce Platform

With more than 40 million members and over 26 million items listed, Etsy is popular marketplace that allows business owners and vendors to sell their vintage products and handmade goods to customers all around the [...]

10 Best Practices for Online Checkout Usability

People are always busy and therefore short on time. For this reason, customers want websites to have fast and easy to use checkouts. What can we do to create better checkouts for our customers? I [...]

WooCommerce: A MUST HAVE Ecommerce WordPress Plugin

There are thousands of WordPress plugins out there. However, trying to find the best plugin to fit your needs and budget can be a challenge. I came across WooCommerce. This is a free e-commerce WordPress [...]

Launching a New E-commerce Site

We recently had the pleasure of assisting a new company launch of a new E-commerce website. Our team also developed a long term online marketing strategy that includes, content, social, and links. Below is a [...]