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Why Google’s New Identity Doesn’t Feel Quite Right

If you look for news about Google’s new logo, you’re bound to find either love it or hate it reviews all over. The idea behind the redesign was to make Google more accessible as technology [...]

Google Photos: Is it too good to be true?

Today there are several cloud-based storage services. You can select from popular services such as iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, Flickr, and OneDrive. Undoubtedly you utilize one of those services. But what happens when a new [...]

Will “Googling” Become a Thing of the Past?

Today the Internet allows us to find answers to any of our questions 24/7. We have access to more information than we know what to do with. In fact, there is more information available to [...]

Benefits of using Google+ for your business

How often do you hear, “I saw that viral video on your Google+ profile?” My guess is not very often. Google+ is frequently the neglected social network but it wasn’t always like that. After Google launched [...]

Helpful Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome offers some fun and useful extensions to their users. I wanted to share with you a few extensions I found interesting. IP Address IP Address is a useful Chrome extension. An IP address is [...]

Chrome Add-On: Eye Dropper

Google Chrome has a free add-on called the Eye Dropper that allows users to pick colors from web pages. Once you’ve downloaded Eye Dropper, an icon will appear on the top right of your browser [...]

Boomerang for Gmail

Perhaps you are out of town on vacation with your family; your emails aren’t going to send themselves. But what if your emails could send without you pushing send on your vacation? Boomerang is a [...]

A New Website for Domains by Google

Google is currently working on creating an Internet domain registration. They are calling it Google Domains. Because they are still in beta, Google is offering this by invitation only. You need a code to get [...]

How to get your images in Google Images

Google images can really drive traffic to your blog or website.  There are many factors that go into indexing images and a few of them are fairly easy to do.  Here are a couple things [...]