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Uber did what to their logo?

Uber unveiled the design of their logo on February 2nd. Not only did Uber redesign their logo, they also rebranded their company. Since the unveiling, they have caused quite the stir. Something once familiar has [...]

Unicorns App for Live Streaming Your iPhone

I was browsing Product Hunt’s website today and came across a new app that I thought was worth sharing. Unicorns seem to be a popular fantasy animal today. That being said, why not use the [...]

What Makes An App Successful?

How many apps do you have on your phone? Undoubtedly you have more than one or two. Today there are countless mobile apps available for both Android and iPhone users. It seems you can find [...]

3 Must Have Mobile Apps for Marketing Professionals

Today you can choose from hundreds of mobile applications. Whether you want an app for entertainment, socializing, sports, health, travel, or food, you are almost guaranteed to find something to tickle your fancy. Of course there are applications [...]

Top 13 Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies

How much time would you say you are spending on your mobile device each day? Are you one of those who sleep with their phone under their pillow? Do you reach for it as soon [...]