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Don’t Waste Your Own Time, Try ‘Service’!

How many times have you been upset about a company’s customer service? Perhaps you didn’t receive a refund on your airline ticket for your trip to Italy after you found out your grandfather passed away. [...]

Make Your Own Fonts

I'm a bit of a pretty big font and type nerd, and I'll be the first to admit it. Since I have so much fun with this topic, I decided to do a follow-up to my [...]

Crayon, An Inspiration Search Engine for Marketers and Designers

You've heard of writer's block and you have probably experienced some type of creativity blockage in your lifetime. It happens to us all at some point, regardless of what field you are in. I often [...]

Learn to Code for Free

You’re probably aware that it is increasingly more common for businesses to not require a degree for every job. But what has remained unchanged is businesses still require the necessary skills to complete a job’s [...]

Photoslurp for Showcasing Your Customers’ Selfies

Are you looking to step up your visual game on your e-commerce website to improve your traffic and sales? Customers are already talking and posting pictures about your brand’s products on social media all the [...]

New Websites for Curated Online Stories

With the growth of the web, there is so much information available that at times can seem a little overwhelming. As a result, it can be difficult to successfully dig up useful and relevant information. Collaborative [...]

One Month for Life Learners

Are you a life learner? Are you interested in programming but have no idea where to start? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should consider looking at One Month. One Month [...]

Marqueed for Online Collaboration

How often have you gone back and forth with emails about getting feedback on a project? The conversations can seem to go on forever especially when communication is not always clear. This can be especially frustrating [...]

7 Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Bookmark

Are you looking for tools to enhance your productivity or marketing for your blog? Perhaps you are just looking for new tools to change your routine as a blogger. Are you ready to start bookmarking? [...]

4 Handy Tools for Creatives

The great thing about the Internet is there is no shortage of the amount of resources and tools available. New tools and resources pop up on a daily basis. We have an plethora of information literally [...]

5 Tools for Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Do you know everything people are saying about your brand? While you should know everything people are saying on the Internet and social media about your company, it can be nearly impossible without the help [...]

4 Tools to help Manage & Generate Passwords

We had all have passwords. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with different passwords for all our accounts. We tend to either recycle and reuse passwords or use ones that are short and simple. How many [...]

Receiptful for emailing your receipts

Receipts are necessary part of business. What if you could use your receipts as a marketing tool? WooThemes Founder Addi Pienaar, launched Receiptful on November 5, 2014. Receiptful is an application programming interface (API) that [...]

Understand Your Visitors Better with HotJar

Our company recently started using a software called HotJar Insights to test the usability of our websites. We wanted to have a better understanding of users behavior and experiences on our websites. The great thing about [...]

10 Free Tools for Content Marketing

I have come up with a list of some helpful tools for your content marketing strategy. While there are hundreds of different tools available today, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be reminded about a few helpful [...]