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Our Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced web developer, you know that there are thousands (currently over 40,000) of WordPress plugins to choose from for your website(s). It can be overwhelming for [...]

Enhance your Photoshop with Pictura!

Are you an avid Flickr user? Pictura, from Made by Source, is a Photoshop plugin that allows users to search for images from Flickr directly in the Photoshop panel. Without having to open up your [...]

Photoshop Plugin: CSS3Ps

CSS3Ps is a free Photoshop plugin that is cloud based and allows users to convert layers to CSS3. Once the plugin has been downloaded and added into Photoshop, CSS3Ps is ready to convert. To convert [...]

Subtle Patterns: Free Collection of Photoshop Patterns

Subtle Patterns is a website that offers a collection of over 300 free patterns for users to download. Subtle Patterns gives users to option to make color changes to their patterns in a photo editor, [...]

Easy Watermark Plugin for WordPress

Perhaps you have a website that needs protection from infringement. Easy Watermark is a free plugin for WordPress that allows users to add watermarks on images uploaded to their media library. The plugin gives users [...]

Digg Digg: A WordPress Plugin for sharing social media

Today there are many plugins available for displaying social share buttons on a website or blog. Digg Digg is a floating share bar plugin for WordPress created by Buffer. Digg Digg offers a variety of [...]

Testimonials Plugin for WordPress

Are you looking for an inexpensive testimonial plugin for Wordpress? I came across this $10 gem today while searching for WordPress plugins. I wanted to share and discuss some of the features the plugin had [...]

Useful Wireframing and Web Design Photoshop Plugins

WebZap WebZap is a Photoshop plugin that allows for creating fast web page mockups and wireframes. WebZap costs $19 for an individual or $99 for 10 users. Users must have Adobe Photoshop CS5 or higher. [...]