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Will The Grid Make My Job Obsolete?

The Grid is a program that is still in development but has already put out advertisements galore, boasting an Artificial Intelligence capable of designing and building websites itself. It’s not difficult to find plugins that [...]

Testing Stripe with Codeception Part 2

This blog post is a continuation. Here is part I of testing Stripe with codeception. For our Stripe setup needs I created a utility class TestStripeCommons, which each test that requires a Stripe setup can call [...]

Learn to Code for Free

You’re probably aware that it is increasingly more common for businesses to not require a degree for every job. But what has remained unchanged is businesses still require the necessary skills to complete a job’s [...]

Testing Stripe with Codeception Part 1

If you’re using Stripe in your application you’ll want to create some integration and/or acceptance tests that actually interact with your Stripe account. So how do you go about doing so?


WordPress Custom Content Type Archives by Year and Month

We recently had a client who needed archives of a custom content type by date within their WordPress website. While WordPress does a great job of setting up blog posts to be able to view [...]

Mautic: The 1st open source marketing automation platform

Are you familiar with marketing automation? Marketing automation is the idea that a software platform can help save your business time and effort with your marketing strategies. With marketing automation software you can nurture leads [...]

One Month for Life Learners

Are you a life learner? Are you interested in programming but have no idea where to start? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should consider looking at One Month. One Month [...]

Web Form Recovery with Lazarus

How many times have you lost data while filling out an online form? Whether your browser crashed, your cat stepped on your keyboard, or you accidentally closed your browser window, losing your form information can [...]

Front-end Frameworks for Developers

I created a short list of some front-end frameworks for developers. You can find many frameworks all over the web. However, picking the right framework for your project can be a difficult. It is important to consider and [...] for easy documentation

ReadMe is a developer hub for documentation. It is a tool for startups that help create customizable, interactive and collaborative documents that will essentially users on save time. Documentation can be difficult and is time [...]

HTML Tags: Details & Summary

HTML5 recently introduced new elements. Some of the new additions are <details> and <summary> elements. These elements function much like the accordion widget where the users must click to view more information. Both the elements [...]

CSSDeck: Collection of CSS and JS Snippets

There are many coding platforms available for developers. CSSDeck is another resource and allows people to share and experiment with code. It is a great place for developers that work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. [...]

Preparation for programming websites

The programming phase of website development is usually the longest one. Before putting that design into code form, I suggest several preparations. Know what you need Knowing what you'll need is important because it will [...]