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New Websites for Curated Online Stories

With the growth of the web, there is so much information available that at times can seem a little overwhelming. As a result, it can be difficult to successfully dig up useful and relevant information. Collaborative [...]

Which CMS Should You Use?

Did you know that almost 75 percent of businesses do not have a website? It has been proven that having an online presence can increase growth and sales. A website is essential for your business [...]

5 Tips for an Effective About Us Page

Businesses often overlook and neglect the “About Us” page. However, this is a very important, if not the most important, page on your website. Why is that? It is one of the first pages customers [...]

Do You Need a FAQ Page?

How many emails or phone calls do you receive from customers about a problem? If you receive a high number of questions from customers, you might consider adding a Frequently Asked Questions page to your [...]

Components of a Landing Page

What is a landing page? A landing page is a stand-alone page with one focused objective. It is designed as a lead page for visitors. Landing pages are used for marketing campaigns to generate leads, [...]

Understand Your Visitors Better with HotJar

Our company recently started using a software called HotJar Insights to test the usability of our websites. We wanted to have a better understanding of users behavior and experiences on our websites. The great thing about [...]

Track your Competitor’s Site with KeepUpdated

KeepUpdated is an online tool that monitors the website of your competitors. This takes the stress and time away from manually monitoring competitors. KeepUpdated sends updates of any changes directly to the users inbox. Users [...]

Designs for 404 Error Pages

“404 Not Found” can be a frustrating thing to see while browsing the Internet. Unfortunately 404 error pages are common on the Internet. These errors appear when a page no longer exists or has become [...]

InVision: Prototyping websites

InVision is a tool for web designers to use as a prototype for creating websites. This prototype platform is a great tool to display projects to clients because it allows them to test the usability [...]

Interactive JavaScript Charts for your Website

Highcharts is an interactive way to display data. Highcharts has three products that can display data online: highstocks, highmaps, and highcharts. However, the focus of this article will be the highcharts product. Highcharts is a [...]

Launching a New E-commerce Site

We recently had the pleasure of assisting a new company launch of a new E-commerce website. Our team also developed a long term online marketing strategy that includes, content, social, and links. Below is a [...]