White text punctuated by a blue background appeared on the screen. A slightly garbled, thin voice read aloud, “The first European to lay eyes on these islands was Jacob Roggeveen in 1722.”

“What are the Samoan Islands!” a girl exclaimed from in front of the television.

“What? How do you know that?” her father asked.”

What is on the Girl Scout cookie boxes?” she responded in the form of a question, simultaneously reaching for another Samoa cookie.

A box of Samoas accompanies Allison Smith to this day every time she studies for a spot on Jeopardy!. But getting a crack at Jeopardy! can be more than one bargains for, but Allison found a way to batten down the hatches and keep her head above water. She began a career at Simplexity as a designer. When asked how it’s been since she’s come on the scene at Simplexity, she asks, “What is pretty good?”

Using winter as an entry point into this career path didn’t faze Allison one iota. A self-proclaimed lover of snow, she dove in head first and up to her eyeballs into winter-based inspiration for her initial web designs. When asked what recurring theme in her post-autumnal creations is used most frequently, she replies, “What is the color white?”

Allison is most comfortable working with utensils and carries her design sense into everything she does. She knits (scarf designer), bakes (food designer), paints (canvas designer), and sews, mostly for her little one (miniature clothes designer). Don’t think she’s a pushover however. In one account, she took down a potential attacker with her extensive Krav Maga skills uttering this phrase before the altercation: “My name is Allison Smith. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” A more clever gambit was never crafted as the stunned and confused antagonist fell in disgrace with the word “Uggs” imprinted in reverse on the fallen one’s forehead (pain designer). Only one nemesis still stands to be defeated, and that, the bitter and devious metal box known as the elevator. Allison fearfully steers clear of those death machines.

"Logic will get you from A-Z, imagination will take you everywhere."

– Albert Einstein